„And then this guy from Dresden started texting me, Dimitri, cool guy with dreadlocks.“
„Dimitri from Dresden with dreadlocks? Thin? Cute? Punkish twentysomething? Very eloquent?“
„Want to see his dick? I´ve got a picture of him on my ego wall – it was one of the cutest dick picks on gayromeo, aside of the one of the trick in fur hat, sunglasses, and cockring.“
„So Dimitri has been here*?“
„Yes – we made out on the porch swing and then he wanted to take a bath with me. He´d been very firm about that right from when he started texting me. He stayed the night and in the morning I went down on him and that was the first time I got a good look at his dick – without soap you know, and he had this funky disease where the dick looks kind of like a toadstool, like spotted dick, indeed. And, NO – I didn´t suck that.“
„Should I text him that he´s been here before?“
„Just don´t tell him I had his dick on my wall.“
„I´ll tell him you saw his name on my phone and we got to talk about him.“

„He says what kind of crazy person remembers a phone number from two years ago.“
„Yes. Me, the stalker. Tell him I remembered his name. And ask him if he got cured. Or ask him if he wants to take a bath with you. By the way – the toadstool thing is harmless. Not contagious. But you know how I dislike mushrooms. And here, take the picture.“

*Actuallly he said: He´s been here, TOO?“ aber die Geschichte dahinter erzähle ich ein anderes Mal.

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