Und wenn einem die Worte im Hirn explodieren, dann geht man soweit und liest sein Horrorskop bei Michael Lutin.

“Love is bound to be the issue at hand this month, as Saturn changes direction from retrograde to direct. Deep, lasting, abiding love. Love that is separate from adolescent visions and silly fantasies about romantic attachments. It’s dangerous, however, to let yourself go, no matter how you long for such an attachment. Everything in your solar horoscope currently shows that your urge for self-expression is becoming greater than any shyness, reticence to expose yourself or protect yourself from hurt. This is a mark of your courage and growing ability to act, perform, reveal your innermost feelings and experience the workings of the human heart.”

Hätte ich vielleicht vorher lesen sollen. Und, wie immer, hat er Recht.

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