Falcon spirals to the Ground

The United States have been an integral part of my social and cultural make-up. I didn´t study English and American literature for no reason. The result of this election comes as a shock. Earlier this year, Brexit made me cry. And now. To comprehend that the majority of American voters chose this capitalist lying pig is another forceful blow to my ego and self. Culture thrives under adversity, I know that, and that´s my only hope in this real-life-hellish nightmare, but I would have wished for my American friends and family a country where sanity rules. Instead, the stupid people have found their voice and are not ashamed to use it. To shout shit. I´m crying as I write.

I know. We got through Reagan. We got through the Bushes. But. At. What. Cost. This is like a country has voted for Bugs Bunny or something. The world is deeply, deeply disturbed.

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